Appearing Poles - Wood, Straw, Candy

  • $ 4900

These Poles made by Mak Magic. Mak is going out of business and this is all that remains of our stock. We are now making our own appearing poles. See Barry Mitchell Appearing Poles CLICK HERE
Choose one or all of our Appearing Pole products. USE DROP DOWN MENU to choose between Magic Wand SOLD OUT, Candy Cane, Wood Pole or Straw. The Appearing Pencil is no longer available. These poles compress in a secret way (scroll down to watch the Care & Feeding video and it won't be a secret anymore) to take up a very small amount of space but expand to be 8 feet long. That's so long we couldn't even get it all in the picture. Don't just get an appearing pole, get our exclusive Pole Control gimmick too. Make it easy on yourself when producing the pole . . . get Pole Control.


Care & Feeding of Your Appearing Poles

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