Pole CANtrol

  • $ 3900

AVAILABLE WITH Pole Control gimmick or WITHOUT. Use drop down menu when ordering. Pole CANtrol with gimmick is $39. Pole CANtrol with can and base $19.

Show a small pop up can. Compress to show it’s empty. Snap your finger so the magic will happen. You usually wave a wand, but your wand is missing. Wait, there it is! It just appeared in the small can. Pull out an 8-foot magic wand or pole or pencil or candy cane or straw! Pole CANtrol is a clever base that fits inside the pop up can to easily hold our exclusive Pole Control gimmick. When you see how clever this prop is made, you’ll be saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Comes with pop up can, special base and Pole Control. Appearing poles sold separately. Pole CANtrol base and pop up can also available without Pole Control for those who already made the wise decision to use Pole Control.

See Original Pole Control CLICK HERE
See Appearing Poles CLICK HERE

Professor Baer's Bucket Fisherman
Fun idea using Pole CANtrol, an appearing wood pole and a small selection of sponge items. Inspired by Don Baer.

Pole CANtrol Explanation
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