Bucket Full

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Bucket Full of Encouragement
In 2014, we introduced Bucket Full based on the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. In 2020, our last Bucket Full was shipped. Hundreds of performers around the world have shared our adaptations of the McCloud book. Thousands of children and adults have been and will continue to be encouraged by this unique magical story. In addition to the original Bucket Filler story, we wrote and accepted contributions of dozens of stories and uses for the bucket and special gimmick for producing sponge. The gray silicone bucket version of Bucket Full is officially retired. However, the story and alternate presentations go on through our Great Green Growing Machine prop. The potential of the Growing Machine is even greater than Bucket Full. Visit GROWING MACHINE to learn more. Use the stories of Bucket Full with a new bucket in many new ways. Keep the encouragement going. Thank you to all who purchased and continue to perform Bucket Full.
Created by Barry Mitchell & Sherry Grant

Original Advertising Copy
Are you a bucket filler?
A collapsed bucket is opened up and shown empty. From the empty bucket 18 smiling stars appear! The Bucket Full effect is perfect for school and library shows, as well as a motivation presentation for adults. The Bucket Full magic effect is exclusive to Barry Mitchell Products.

Bucket Full includes silicone collapsible bucket, book, 18 smiling super soft sponge stars, display pan, mini bucket, DVD/PDF Book, and specially designed gimmick that does the work.

The usefulness of this new gimmick is truly unlimited. It can hold 18 sponge stars or 16 two-inch balls or 24 one and a half inch balls or 14 diamond cut silks or 45 feet of two-inch rainbow streamer or 15 feet of four-inch streamer plus more. DVD includes PDF book and sample presentations with stars, silks, sponge and a variety of other objects. The DVD itself is a wealth of content, with scripts and ideas on how to use many of your existing props with the Bucket Full effect.

The magical Bucket Full effect is inspired by the book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud. The Bucket Fillers name and logo are trademarked to Bucket Fillers Inc. We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Bucket Fillers, Inc. any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. All content provided is for entertainment purposes only.

New Halloween Presentation Suggestion. 16 orange sponge balls used, not included with Bucket Full.


Brad Erickson performing Orange Seeds story

 Magician Takandri performs Bucket Full using yellow balls on Mexican television.


 This is a portion of Mago Takandri’s performance of Bucket Full at KAX. I added it to this post because I want members to see the creative way he used the prop. He uses several of my props in creative ways.

Star Search
This presentation was created to fit a space theme.



What makes Bucket Full our fastest seller?  Read this and you'll understand.
"So today I thought I got my first complaint in over 15 years of doing magic. The phone rang and on the other end a tearful elderly lady said "Are you the magician that was at my grandsons party at the weekend?" My heart sank. Instead she carried on and said that that evening her grandson gave her an invisible star for her bucket; in all of her years she had never been offered one of these. She was so moved she immediately went into her pocket and pulled out an invisible star for the child she loved who said "But grandma I don't have an invisible bucket to put it in". Quick thinking she said "Oh yes you do look" holding the star in her hand she blew it saying "Its in your heart". She then said that she saw her grandson 'get bigger' as a smile filled his face. This isn't a legend (like Barry's Mother of all Diamonds story) that has truth in it, this really is a true story."
Nathan Ward of the UK

"The "Bucket Full" has COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations. I am beyond THRILLED! Can't wait to have this in the act as soon as possible. The gimmick is BRILLIANT and the DVD breaks it down VERY SIMPLE. I plan to use this in the Gospel programs and the new Hero show.

Thank you to Barry Mitchell for another amazing experience. Can't wait to return!"
Neal Chamberlain

“Had two church programs today so I added Bucket Full. Wow! Audience reaction was incredible. The first group was all kids, ages 6-11, second group all adults. Same great reaction from both groups. Even though I'm in the middle of my school season and my show is already written, I've got to pull something so I can incorporate this great routine. Packs nearly flat and plays REALLY BIG!!!!! I used Barry's script and my Bucket music, it was great. You've got to perform this to really appreciate it.”
Nathan J. Roberts

“Got my bucket today and all I can say is WOW. Save your pennies everyone. You're gonna want this!”
Steve Wronker

“There is no question about it. This IS the next "Mother of All Diamonds.” Not only does it create a great teachable moment in the show, the gimmick is diabolically genius.”
Dorian LaChance

“From school/library to church to corporate, this an amazingly versatile prop and routines!”
Tommy Johns

"I received my bucket full from Barry yesterday! Folks...if you don't own this effect you are really missing out!! The storyline, gimmick, and overall trick are all nothing short of amazing! If you don't buy this trick for you then buy it for your audiences! They really need to hear this story!"
Lee Andrews


Tommy Johns performing Bucket Full as well as using our exclusive larger sponge stars.






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