CAN Opener

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CAN Opener is one of our most popular Do It Yourself effects. Magicians all over the world use it as a large size opening effect that really does pack FLAT and play BIG! You receive full performance rights, the CD of art, royalty free music & demo DVD with full instructions of what to buy and where. We share TONS of options. You'll find MANY ways to adapt this to fit any show theme. PLUS Additional chapters and new artwork in this Revised Edition. The Effect: Six large collapsible cans fill the stage. Four large beach balls sit on the cans. The performer is announced and runs on stage. The audience is asked, "CAN we perform a magic trick with these cans?" The music starts and the beach balls are tossed into the audience to be tossed about. Music stops and the four individuals holding balls come to the stage. The performer announces that with the help of the group an animal will appear in one of the cans that matches the choices made by the helpers. The first helper chooses an animal from large picture cards. Next helper chooses what the animal will wear. Next helper chooses a color for the clothing. Final helper chooses the can where the animal will appear inside. All the cans are opened and each can has a DUCK! (A running gag throughout the presentation.) The chosen can holds the chosen animal wearing the chosen color clothing. WOW, it worked and WOW, the audience loves CAN OPENER! This effect is easy to make will everything you need to know on the easy to use DVD. PLUS we have revised the product to include more artwork for more choices as well as more ideas for performance options. This is a no-brainer, you CAN do it!


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