The Magic of Thinking Creatively

The Magic of Thinking Creatively

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The Magic of Thinking Creatively

The hardbound creativity book is GONE!  Sold out and we won't print again.  But you can still get all the great content, ideas, and inspiration that have so many magicians saying this book is a constant reference for them.  It's all in one convenient pdf book.  Available as a download or on CD.

From the creator of Super Chicken, Reading Is Magic (King Midas), Can-o-wands, Bulls Eye Book, Got Cookies, Got Udder, Attack of the Book Worms, The I Can, In-POP-sible, and many other effects, comes a complete workbook for creative thinkers.

Barry Mitchell has assembled the ideas of some of today’s “top minds” in magic along with his own audience
pleasing creations. The old expression says, “The best way to understand a man is to walk a mile in his shoes.” After a mile you’ll know his thoughts, be a mile away, and have a new pair of shoes. The thoughts of André Kole, Bev Bergeron, Max Howard, Steve Axtell, Duane Laflin, Phil Willmarth, Marshall Brodien, David Ginn, Jeff Hobson, Trixie Bond, Terry Evanswood, Glenn Strange, Steve Kissell and many others will move readers ahead as creative thinkers. Barry’s explanations of the characteristics of creativity, the creative process, the creative storyteller, the creative inventor, the creative gospel communicator, and creative marketing concepts will
place readers miles ahead of the competition. The effects and magic ideas inside will push readers to a new level
of thinking with excellence. The motivation will lift readers ahead of their present level of thinking. If you want
more out of your magic you need this book!

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