TOTAL BS Everything We Know About Entertaining Kids

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Barry and Steve are about to empty their brains. They have too many ideas, concepts, techniques, tools, and a one-of-a-kind collection of lug nuts they must share. Where shall they dump all this fluff? A briefcase? Too brief. Luggage? Too lugubrious. A monogrammed leatherette portfolio? Oh c'mon! It's Mitchell and Petra. We need something spacious, somewhat portable and sturdy. A DUMPSTER? - okay, that works. Our dumpster is a great big toolbox. It does have buzzin flies and a rat, but that's because we like that stuff. They sometimes help us find the tools we need. So, dive right in to TOTAL BS. We're ready to stink this place up and show off our lug nuts.

240 pages of pure lug nut research available in paperback form for your consumption pleasure. Available on Amazon as well. HOWEVER, if you order here, you'll also receive the access code to unlock a world of video content related to the book. This information is only available when buying the book directly from Barry & Steve.

For customers outside the US, you might get a better price on shipping through Amazon. Buying from Barry & Steve does include access to the online videos and is the only option for signed copies. Should you choose Amazon, here's the link. CLICK HERE


“As a lifetime performer, clown, juggler, children’s magician, and full-blown hack, I would like to give my review of Barry and Steve’s newest book “Total Barry Steve” I have read many, many books in my career of entertaining children. While they have all been helpful to a point, they’ve always left me feeling the author held back a few more key points of information.

I read these books and thought, “Well that helps me to a point, but there is something they’re not telling me.” This is total BS in an opposite direction of Steve and Barry’s book.

In this book, both seasoned performers open their entire Pandora’s box on what has made their entire careers as successful as they’ve been. I was fully engaged from moment one, and thoroughly entertained all the way through.

Entertainers of any skill level will instantly relate and be able to understand exactly the BS these two are teaching. The Basic Sense of flow for creating a show, Better Strategies for being funny (truly, truly funny), and a path to Better Success of giving a show our audiences deserve. Those are the BS’s that will absolutely change your life, and Steve and Barry wrote this with complete heart to make you and I better entertainers. That’s no BS!”
Lee Andrews
Professional Entertainer

Dumpster Pass Videos
We appreciate your purchase directly from the authors. We've created this library of companion videos to enhance your reading pleasure of Total BS. If you purchased the book from us, there is a Dumpster Pass card inside the book. Use the password on the card to enjoy the videos.

Pizza with Issues

Power of the Preshow with Red Bag of Danger

Morris the Turkey Ladybug Routine

Bigger Marshmallows

Baby Boomer

Humpty the Yokester

$2 Gimmick

Onomatopoeia in the Pizzeria

Pencil Opener

Eric the Sheep Live

Chicken Kazoo

You've Got Some Nerve

Scaredy Shark - Facts to Fun, Twister & Props


One Word - Okie Dokie

Hyena Row Row Row Your Cornbread

Sam the Turtle with Cushion Issues

Itchy Chicken Wiggle

Did You Open the Bag?

More Object Puppets

No Pickles Game

Finale Songs

And Finally . . . The Worst of Eric the Sheep

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