Work & Perform Smart Listening Package

Work & Perform Smart Listening Package

  • $ 3500

Work & Perform Smart Listening Package So many of us grow up being taught we must work “hard” to achieve success. However, the real truth is found in working “smart.” We have also been sold the myth that better props will improve our performances. The truth is, a better stage presence will improve our act. Both of these vital subjects for success are covered in-depth in this Listening and Learning Package from Barry Mitchell. Included are three Listening and Learning Audio downloads:

“Stage Up-ers – The rules of the stage that will help you rule the stage.” Understanding Stage Up-ers will give you the tools to lead toward your next standing ovation. No performer should be without this vital information that Barry has learned and applied during three decades of performing.

“The 10 Commandment of Selling Your Program.” This Download focuses on the true selling techniques that have worked since the beginning of time. Yes, the art of selling is really that old. You’ll learn the selling principles that will change the way you view show business.

“The ABC’s of Children’s Magic.” This Download contains a list of A-Z of some of the most important tips and techniques for giving you the edge to make show business your business.

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