You Can Do Magic with Your Business - Download Only

You Can Do Magic with Your Business - Download Only

  • $ 1000

This book is now sold out and is out of print. HOWEVER you can now download a digital version of the book in PDF format. We've also cut the price so you can up your business for less. This is the magic business book on CD that has taken me a lifetime to write. I lectured on business at Kidabra 04 and introduced this new book. Many of those who purchased the book have reported to me that they have read it twice already to glean the information. So you want to be a full time performer, that’s great. You’re eager, talented, own loads of tricks and you have even purchased several magic marketing courses. You must be ready. Are you sure you know all the tricks of this trade? Would you like to learn business information that is not shared in other marketing courses? Do you want to learn the techniques of working smart instead of working hard? Did you know that many entertainers experience financial feast or famine and that you can do something to experience the feast all the time?

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