Thumb Tips

Thumb Tips

  • $ 300

The thumb tip is one of the most well known or well kept secrets of magic. It is a plastic gimmick designed to look like the end of your thumb. It fits over the tip of the thumb leaving space for a small silk or other items to be hidden inside. These items may vanish or appear at the will of the magician. It is UNLIMITED what can be accomplished with this amazing gimmick. We carry only Vernet brand. These are a hard plastic tip, flesh colored and used by magicians around the world. We offer them in two sizes, regular and king. The King size is the same size in diameter as the regular but longer to hold more. A thumb tip is used for our popular effects such as Frog and Fly and Simon the Star.

 Two Sizes:

  • Regular Vernet
  • King Size Vernet

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