Good Habit Silks

Good Habit Silks

  • $ 9900

These beautiful Wonder Imagery silks are a great addition to our Word Waver line and will make a great addition to your church & character programs or ANY program. It used to be said of Lay’s potato chips, “You can’t eat just one.” But with Word Wavers you can USE just ONE or all of them.   These silk set was originally called Fruit of the Spirit silks.  However, these "character" and "good habit" words are too valuable to only be used by gospel performers.  That’s why our Good Habit silks work for all performers.

Comes with all nine 3.5” X 17” word silks. Word Waver silks may be used in almost any magic utility prop such as; dove pan, switch can, change bag, crystal silk cylinder just to name a few. But don’t forget the palmo and hank ball. There are so many possibilities.  Online video instructions and ideas are shown below. 


Character Crew

Recycling Silks

Put-Ups & Put-Downs

Encourage & Discourage

Possible & Impossible

Palmo Ball Instructions

Presentation Suggestions and Instructions

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