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SmileMakerStudio is the complete Barry Mitchell Library.  You must see it to believe it.  FREE Visitor membership is available as well as FULL ACCESS Scholar memberships.  Visit the site to learn more.  DO NOT PUT THIS PAGE IN YOUR CART.  Nothing will be shipped to you.  This is a link TO the studio.  Nothing is ordered within the Barry Mitchell Products site.



“Now I can watch on the road on my phone! That's incredibly awesome!”
Harvey Simpson

No bones about it! Smile Maker Studio is chock full of years of Barry's innovations, creations, and all of the information needed to be the best entertainer possible. One place has it all! Videos, DVD downloads you can purchase at HALF OFF! The studio is a wellspring of knowledge from the best storytelling entertainer ever!”
Eric Youngvall

"I am a big fan of Barry Mitchell Products but I really debated whether or not to join Smile Maker Studio. Within minutes of joining, I started exploring the Studio and I am blown away by all of the available content and what will be available in the future. Smile Maker Studio will be an invaluable resource to grow my business and helping me be a better performer.”
Perry Warren

I don't often give the Bald One money, but the amount of content on here is overwhelming with more on the way!
Tim Sonefelt

“After a few days with Barry Mitchell's SmileMakerStudio, I am overwhelmed with all the great stuff inside. Hundreds of videos, bunch of tips and ideas, articles, whole DVD's and there is much more to come. It's worth every single dollar I spend!”
Tom Flicker

“I've spent the day playing in this gold mine and my brain is ready to explode with so much information, more than I ever knew. Everything that Barry has ever created, lectured about, all his DVD contents, every download, all his best selling books, the BEST in educational and motivational magic, is in the Smile Maker Studio. If it oozed out of his creative mind, he's sharing it in the studio.
Steve Wronker

"I love the studio. It is like having all of Barry Mitchell's library at your fingertips. Thank you for all the hard work and sharing your creative mind with us."
Mark Bentley

“Last night I had to edit then duplicate a bunch of demo DVDs. So while it was all rendering and processing, I had hours to spend in the BM Library, listening to all of the 'force' instructionals and then the possibilities using cards, laminating and numerous printing options, then exploring new content applications for the Magic Box. My wife said I was smiling. I'm not a serial smiler but in spite of my aversion to sentimental crap... it IS called Smilemakerstudio.”
Steve Petra

“I cannot believe the amount of content... There is something for everyone, regardless of your style or skill set!”
Danny Baker

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