Take Home A Friend

  • $ 1000

Exciting news from the zoo! They are holding a "Take Home A Friend" animal giveaway. Someone may win a new friend. Six pictures of animal friends are displayed. A die is rolled to eliminate animals one by one. An envelope is shown with a secret animal picture inside. If the last animal card standing, after the eliminations, matches the one in the envelope the player wins. This is exciting fun for children using a simple magic principle so the child always wins. The same principle may be used for many other effects. Comes with instructions, artwork to make your own picture cards, and special gimmick die 3D cutout. Includes art to make 8.5 X 11 size as well as 8.5 X 5.5 cards. Any animal can be used as the force. Everything on CD or download is printable as Adobe PDFs. Includes excellent Gospel presentation.

Download $10

Hard copy DIY CD comes with real gimmicked die. $15

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