Aqua Change Vase

Aqua Change Vase

  • $ 3900

This is a self working magic item that can be used to transform any liquid to a solid.
The cylinder measures about 4 1/2" in diameter and 6" in height.
You freely show this Aqua Change Vase with an empty vase and a cylinder. Water or some liquid is visibly poured into the vase and covered with the cylinder. The cylinder is lifted away, and the contents of the vase thrown out, the liquid has transformed into a silk, confetti, candy, etc (or any other object) of a similar nature. The vase can be handed out for inspection. Many more routines are possible.
Other Ideas
Pour Milk in the vase and transform it to white confetti!
Pour red liquid in the vase and change it to a red silk.
Drop loose paper clips in the vase and change them for linked paper clips!
Place cut pieces of cord in the vase and bring them out restored!
Sprinkle seeds in the vase and transform them into spring flowers!
Place small separate silks inside and blend them into one multi colored silk!

This is the prop used with Barry Mitchell's Mother of All Diamonds.


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