Einswine The Pig

Einswine The Pig

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Einswine is oink snorting fun! But it’s snot funny. No, actually it IS funny and a great effect to keep your show rolling with laughs. Show a satin eighteen-inch scarf with the face of a cute pig. It’s Einswine the Pig and he’s really congested. Drape the scarf over your hand and begin removing green snags, snips, and snozzles. These one-inch green sponge balls are pig-ments of your imagination. Not snot, pig-ments. Fifteen of the little boogers, balls, are picked from the scarf. Then Einswine gives a big sneeze and blows his nose off. Oh, Nasty! Yes, it’s a pig nose. Show the scarf again and Einswine is nose-less. Einswine is fun and funny magic but it’s not just a low-ball attempt at childish humor. We have written several fun and educational ideas to make him the Einswine of entertainment for children’s performers - great library, reading, and gospel application ideas as well. Comes with everything; specially made Wonder Imagery double sided satin scarf, fifteen sponge balls, pig nose gimmick, and online video instructions. Instructional video is below. Password comes with product.



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