Heart Help

Heart Help

  • $ 2900

This product has been retired.
Do you like donuts? How about donut holes? Of course, you do! But have you seen a Heart Hole? Think of it as a red ball that needs a little love. Open an empty paper bag and ask the audience to blow a few love kisses inside. Drop the ball inside and watch the power of love heal the heart. There’s so much love in the bag you can remove nine 2-inch sponge hearts and there’s still something left. It’s a BIG 4-inch heart hole filler brimming with love. That’s a WOW moment! It’s such a WOW moment that you reach into the bag again and remove a 3-inch X 7-inch sponge WOW! Comes with red growing ball, nine 2-inch super soft sponge hearts and sponge WOW. Supply your own paper bag.

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