Kids Go Bananas (Sponge Marshmallow Production Madness)

Kids Go Bananas (Sponge Marshmallow Production Madness)

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Live footage demos.

"Fluffy the Magic ?"
is written upside down on a brown paper bag. The bag is a gift from my grandfather. With the audience’s help, we must figure out what the trick does. Hopefully, a bunny will appear in the bag, aka Fluffy the Magic Bunny. As all magicians do, I ask for a magic word. Someone always says “abracadabra.” Obviously, I will say, “Did you say, “Have a banana?”

The fun begins NOW! I make it clear we WILL NOT be saying “Have a banana,” but the kids disagree. Inside the empty bag a small marshmallow appears. Yes, the banana magic word has given us Fluffy the Magic Marshmallow. The kids can’t stop saying the banana line. Now a 3-inch jumbo marshmallow appears in the bag. More banana words are flying, and another jumbo marshmallow appears! This is getting out of hand. Oh no, a THIRD jumbo marshmallow. I refuse to listen to their banana chants. The bag is casually turned upside down and a banana on a string appears hanging from the bag. The kids go nuts . . . well, ACTUALLY, KIDS GO BANANAS! Comes with bags, gimmick, dangling banana, and three jumbo & one regular of Timothy Pressley's sponge marshmallows.
Special thanks to Steve Petra for his help with script and performance suggestions.

ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS. Password comes with product.

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