Corpuscle Kindness Tester

Corpuscle Kindness Tester

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Corpuscle Kindness Tester by Barry Mitchell & Steve Petra
How kind are you really? Everyone assumes they are kind. Now we have a test! CAUTION This is not medical science, but it is math. (There is a high probability we made it up.) The pretend doctors at the Corpuscle Kindness Institute have created a tester to determine your kindness factor. A young helper will hold a small red ball, attached to a microphone. Following a brief kindness survey, the tester will be dropped into a bag to activate. Since Corpuscles are like bananas, if the tester turns yellow, your helper has a kind heart. If it is green, it isn’t ripe and there is room for improvement. A quick look in the bag reveals the tester is green. Wait, there is an additional corpuscle in the bag and it’s yellow. This has never happened before. Wait, there are two more yellow corpuscles. The helper BROKE THE TESTER!

Oh no, this must be the kindest person to ever be tested. From the bag, you remove a giant red heart. The helper truly has a kind heart. Comes with all sponge props, bag, inflatable microphone and instructions with a variety of funny kindness questions.

By the way, we can’t judge someone’s kindness with questions. We can only see kindness through our actions. We have a choice to be kind or grumpy each day.


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