Frog Eggs

Frog Eggs

  • $ 2900

What happens if you eat a frog egg? You get a frog in your throat! Duh!


Frogs are fun! Is it the warts, that famous muppet, or those ads for beer? We may never know. This FUN and SIMPLE effect begins with a 2-inch sponge ball. Drop it inside an empty bag to show what happens if you eat a frog egg. It grows! From the bag you remove a 4-inch ball. But there’s something else . . . a frog . . . and a second frog. What happens when you have two frogs in your throat? More frog eggs, aka four 1-inch balls, of course.

BUT WAIT. We wrote a second routine that’s perfect on stage or close up with a standard 4 ball routine and a killer closer. Comes with bag, all foam props, and instructional DVD.

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