H2O Yeah! Ocean Theme Magic & Stories

H2O Yeah! Ocean Theme Magic & Stories

  • $ 2900

Ocean Theme Magic & Stories
File is over 4 GB. Be prepared for a little time to download.

Dive into the deep end of water theme magic & stories. Barry has brainstormed his favorite fish friendly fare into deep fried fun. It’s sure to inspire your ocean show content. You will:

  • Go Air Fishing in a paint can
  • Scream in fear from Boom Boom the Electric Eel
  • Expose why sharks don’t like card tricks
  • Reveal your talents to play a fish phone
  • Bring something up from Upchuck the Regurgitating Shark
  • Rescue Jonah the fly from a fish
  • Discover why Fernando is a flat flying folded fish
  • Make a wish on a dish for fish
  • Present the story of Princess Starfish in Starfish Wars
  • And much more.

ART - Download includes all video files and necessary art for DIY projects.
PLUS - the PDF Script Book.
BONUS - Fun with Foes. This content alone is worth the cost of the download.

"Barry, I just finished watching your newest library video (H20 Yeah!) and I am amazed by the quality and quantity of its content. I think this may be the best video you've done on library shows. I came away with some great ideas and it will definitely make my show better. Thanks!"

Larry Darnell

"Hi Barry. I bought your DVD a few weeks ago and have been putting together Arr Chicken and Starfish Wars. It was a lot of fun just putting them together and rehearsing. This morning I put them into a Daycare show to check for response. It was so much fun. I thing the biggest laugh (kids and teachers) was introducing Smelly Crab R2 PU.
Thanks for another super fun quality product. I can't wait to get into some of the other tricks."
Mont Dutson

"I just spent a wonderful afternoon watching all the videos from Barry Mitchell’s new H2O summer reading ideas package.  As always, his ideas are brilliant and inspiring.  I especially enjoyed his ideas of having a foe in my show!  I’ve used that idea for several years since I heard him present it at KIDAbra and I love it. Get this!  It’s terrific!  (And he should charge lots more … but don’t tell him)."
Jeffrey Knight

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