Bigger Marshmallows

  • $ 2500

2023 Library Show Bigger Marshmallows Preshow

AVAILABLE in PENCIL version & PEPPERMINT candy cane version. CHOOSE AN OPTION IN THE DROP DOWN MENU BEFORE ORDERING. Peppermint version DOES NOT include peppermint silks.

Peppermint Version Demo

By Barry Mitchell & Steve Petra
It’s time to stop working so hard. While other magicians are working hard to vanish the little hanky with wands, you’re different. You use a marshmallow on a stick. This presentation is pure silliness and fun for children. They scream with excitement. Every word of the patter is designed to evoke a response. As you attempt to vanish the little hanky in your hand, you realize you need a bigger marshmallow on a stick. The hanky is still there after three larger marshmallow attempts. It’s time for the biggest marshmallow of all, which looks a lot like toilet paper. The kids scream to point out the problem. It works. The hanky vanishes. Maybe it’s inside the toilet paper hole. Can’t be because the hole is a “doot-di-doo.” Remove the paper tube and play it like a horn. A “doot-di-doo” horn. Children LOVE THIS! Comes with marshmallows, silk, thumb tip and special paper tube. Supply your own toilet paper. Online video instructions. Password comes with product instructions.

Peppermint Version is perfect for holiday shows and magical Santas. The demo video includes our exclusive Peppermint Silks, which are NOT part of the Bigger Marshmallows effect. The silk switch shown in the demo video is accomplished with a Palmo ball. For more details, watch the explanation video of a Palmo ball. CLICK HERE

Peppermint Silks Sold Separately. CLICK HERE

Bigger Marshmallows on a Peppermint Stick Demo using Peppermint Silks
Peppermint Silks & Palmo Ball NOT included with Bigger Marshmallows.

Steve Petra's Performance Version



Santa's Bigger Marshmallows Explanation

 Bigger Marshmallows Explanation


The original version of Soft Magic

A Third Live Audience

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