Bunny in a Bag

Bunny in a Bag

  • $ 2900

This product has been RETIRED. Super Soft sponge balls are no longer being made.

Meet Snowball the magic bunny in a bag. You don’t need a top hat to make a bunny appear. All you need is a paper bag and the name of the magic rabbit. Luckily you know the name is Snowball. Open a paper bag, speak the name into the bag and . . . a giant 3-inch snowball appears in the bag. Let’s try that again, “Snowball!” Another snowball appears. Maybe his name is Cotton Ball. Bunnies do have cotton tails after all. Say the name and . . . it’s another snowball or a giant cotton ball. But it’s not a bunny! The name ends with “ball.” You’re sure of that. It has to be the name of a rabbit. Nothing like baseball or something silly like that. Now a baseball appears in the bag. You have a different idea. Rabbits are also called hares. But his name can’t be Hare Ball? No, that’s really silly. You guessed it, a HAIR BALL appears in the bag. Maybe you do new a magic hat for a bunny to appear. It looks like the only way a bunny is going to appear is for you to put on ears and say Ta-dah!

Comes with paper bag, special gimmick to hold sponge balls, three 3-inch white sponge balls, one 3-inch appearing baseball and one 3-inch hair ball. Bunny ears not included.

The secret gimmick may be used to hold other sponge balls. See our other video ideas. Additional sponge balls not included.
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PASSWORD for instructional video comes with product.

Bunny in a Bag balls are made from super soft Magic by Gosh sponge. The balls are not bright white, they may be slightly yellow in spots where the ball was cut. They will continue to yellow with age and exposure to light. Between performances store them in a closed opaque bag or box to avoid over exposure to light. Do not store wet. DO NOT STORE THE BALLS with other sponge. Dye from colored sponge or other colored objects will bleed over to the white sponge. DO NOT ATTEMPT to bleach the balls. The balls are made to be used as production effects and bright white isn’t necessary.

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Bunny in a Bag Explanation. PASSWORD COMES WITH PRODUCT

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