Crayon-Ola AKA Crayonola

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Crayon-Ola has been RETIRED. This listing remains for owners to see the videos.

The classic silkola is an amazing transposition. 1. An empty bottle is sealed and covered with a tube. 2. A silk is shown and vanished. 3. The tube is raised and silk is seen inside the sealed bottle. That’s amazing! Crayon-Ola makes silkola customizable and adds new features. The crayon design makes it the perfect companion for children’s shows. However, we also include several PDFs of printable custom art designs. Make your Crayon-Ola into a rocket ship, candy stick, castle tower, Seussical hat, truffula tree, TNT, Boom cannon, lighthouse, trash can and more. We even provide crayon art so you can change the color of your crayon if you wish. You can make your own designs and print on a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet. Due to our one of a kind gimmick design, it is possible to show Crayon-Ola empty before performing. Video instructions explain everything. Comes with metal crayon tube, special gimmick, modern shape bottle, two red silks, two white silks for customization, custom art files download (Download when ordering. NO DVD or disk included with product), performance suggestions, protective container and access to online video instructions. (Password provided on download PDF instructions.)

Steve Petra Combines Crayon-Ola with our Fly Thumb Things Silks
Thumb Things Silks CLICK HERE

Crayon-Ola is perfect for Halloween Shows

Crayon-Ola Unlimited


Flingle in the Dringle Demo

Alien Transport Demo

Flat Matt Demo

Fire Hydrant

ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS. Password to watch videos can be found within the art and instructions download.

Crayon-Ola Basics

Key Ring Solution


Crayon-Ola Creative

Flingle Explanation

Alien Transport Explanation

Flat Matt Explanation

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