Aliens, Astronauts & Space Stuff

Aliens, Astronauts & Space Stuff

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The UFO is HERE!

It’s an Ultimate Fun Overload of Aliens, Astronauts & Space Stuff for your space themed shows. Barry has created space age magic, alien silliness and educational presentations to make you a STAR!  The space between your ears will be filled with magic, stories and silliness you can use in your shows forever. Discover the secrets of making appearing poles and make your own Appearing Rocket Ship. Turn sponge balls into Moon Rocks and present a gravity defying routine. Show a box of Moon Memories concluding with an American flag on pole production. Discover the Trouble with Slobber Nickels and how to make a Potato Chip Rocket Ship. Learn the difference between an Alien and an Astronaut. Find out why Buzz Phoned Home, what an Axtell Alien is and how to make a Cosmos Cow. You’ll even discover how to lift an elephant on the moon. It’s everything you’ll need to help you write and create your own space themed show. Whether you get the DVD or Download, they fit in a very small SPACE, but the amount of content will explode your UNIVERSE! Comes with exclusive art and documents folder too.

This download zip file is LARGE. Depending on the speed of your internet service, it may take several minutes to download. If the file is too large for your download capability, please order the hard copy version. If you order the download and then wish to switch to hard copy you will be charged shipping. Trying to download 1.78 GB on a phone may be more that your phone can handle. PLEASE be aware of these conditions when ordering.



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