American Thread Display

  • $ 25900



Performer removes the lid from a beautiful oak sewing box. A variety of items are removed including six spools of thread, scissors, paper, and an ink quill. One by one the colors of the threads are shown to symbolize our American revolutionary history. The story begins in 1751 when Benjamin Franklin wrote a satirical commentary about sending rattlesnakes to Britain. From there each thread and object brings to light brief points from American history building to the production of three 16" X 24" silk flags, the Gadsden, Grand Union, and Betsy Ross. The final moment brings it all together as a giant 32" X 48" Stars and Stripes is removed. You won't just be proud to perform this story/production you'll be proud you're an American. Very limited supply. Comes with everything including Wonder Imagery silk flags, thread, scissors, quill feather, and beautiful oak box. Also includes performance music created by Nathan Roberts and demo DVD.

PLEASE NOTE this is an inspirational and educational story presentation that focuses on the skills of drama and storytelling. We have included a cheat sheet to aid in the memory of materials but the buyer should understand that we do not consider it a magic trick or just another mis-made flag. But with that said, the box does contain a gimmick that would allow the performer to show the box empty and then produce the flags as desired. In addition you may change the script to tell the points of history that you wish to cover. If you're serious about educational entertainment for both adult and children's audiences you WILL LOVE this piece. It will bring the house to their feet. It's perfect for patriotic holiday programs and school shows.

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