Barry's Education Edition

Barry's Education Edition

  • $ 2500

This CD Rom contains the Best of Barry's information on educational magic. Includes ALL of Barry's effects you can make with your home computer as well as full instructions from Barry's best teaching effects and stories. This is information you CANNOT get without purchasing ALL the effects represented. It will open your mind to more creative teaching techniques. The value of this information is over $50.

Includes artwork and instructions for:

  • Dead Eye Duck
  • Elephant Who Lost the Key to His Trunk
  • Great Math Rabbit
  • Hidden Treasure Book Marks
  • Take Home a Friend Gospel Routine (Gimmicked die not included)
  • Turn Your Frown Upside Down


Inspire Your Teaching Creativity with:

  • American History Bag to Flag Scripts
  • Egg Head Trust Tool Scripts
  • Magic or Science Scripts
  • Word Waver Character Silk Scripts
  • Fairness Balloon Game
  • Fibbing Frog Story Script
  • King and Jester Math Story Script

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