Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded

  • $ 17900

Barry Mitchell’s

Bases Loaded

The performer steps up to the stage. A hush falls over the crowd. The performer takes a swing with some great magic. It’s a hit! Bases Loaded! Bases Loaded is a small box from which EIGHT baseballs and a 4-foot pole appear! It all begins in a case containing your baseball collection. From the case, the smaller box is removed along with a Russell Blackburne baseball card. Russell is the reason all baseballs are rubbed with mud before each game. It’s a magical production with a little baseball history too. Comes with display case (11.5-inch X 7.5-inch X 4.5-inch) for the balls, gimmicked case (8.25-inch X 5-inch X 2.25-inch), eight 3-inch super soft hand painted baseballs, 4-foot appearing pole, Blackburne baseball card, and DVD.

NOTE: All white sponge yellows with time and exposure to light. When wet, the balls will look brighter, however, the balls will never look pure white. Because of this feature with white sponge, the story of Russell Blackburne is the perfect explanation for the look of the balls as they age.

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