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The Only Pack Flat Square Circle . . . That's CANtastic!

What is it? The pipes of plenty? The tubes of treasure? Something round that mashes down? No, it’s CANtastic, the Fan-tastic, tube-tastic Pack Flat Can Can. With a load capacity of 9-inch diameter by 13-inch deep, it will even hold a bowling ball. That’s drastic! Silks, eggs, balls, puppets, stuffed animals, appearing poles, and small kitchen sinks will fit inside. Comes with cans, aka tubes, travel bag, and online video instructions and a CAN FULL OF PERFORMANCE suggestions.

"I received my CANtastic yesterday. And it is FUNtastic. It truly is a great product. I highly recommend it. Great packs flat square circle concept. And it will hold a lot of magic."
Rodney Palmer

"The Cantastic could not be named better! Pack flat play big and this plays HUGE! It's large load chamber provides for countless ideas for productions. It's constructed with the same great quality I've come to know and love from Barry Mitchell Products.  The window is a perfect size to be seen on stage by many, as well as for the smaller birthday gathering. An added bonus is the case, a flat zipper bag just right to tote it anywhere. What's really Cantastic about it is Barry gets you started on your way with quite a number of great routines!"
Eric Youngvall


It's A . . .

The Magic Cooler


 Egg Cannon
Great for ping pong balls or any kind of balls.  CAUTION: Someone has to pick that stuff up.

Magic Beehive

ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS.  Password supplied after purchase.


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