Sponge Christmas Lights - Single Lights to String of Lights

Sponge Christmas Lights - Single Lights to String of Lights

  • $ 6900

Your holiday magic just got brighter. This six-foot long strand of Christmas lights is designed to fill the stage with color. They pack small and play huge! The entire strand can fit in your fist. Yes, sponge lights really pack small and play huge.

Produce them from your favorite production prop, hang them up to make the stage more festive or use one of the two enclosed routines. Handcrafted by Timothy Pressley and exclusively available from Barry Mitchell Products. Supply your own production/switching device.

  1. Bulb Blendo - Individual light bulbs and cord are placed in a box/bag. After a magical gesture and a few magic words, remove a six-foot strand of Christmas lights.
  1. Detangler - Demonstrate how easily it is for Christmas lights to get tangled. Place the tangled strand of lights into your detangler machine, push a few buttons, shake it up, and Ta Dah! Remove the cord and individual lights one at a time. They have separated completely! Maybe that was taking the idea of detangling too far. Great comedy potential.


  • Six-foot strand of Christmas lights
  • One dozen individual sponge light bulbs (six different colors)
  • Six-foot green cord
  • Two routines*

*Supply your own production/switch device.

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