Elephant Who Lost the Key To His Trunk

Elephant Who Lost the Key To His Trunk

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Ernie the Elephant has a problem. He lost the key to his trunk. His trunk contains a treasury of circus peanuts, candy ones of course. He is willing to share with his animal friends if they can help him find the key. Six children play the parts of animals and choose a key with a location card describing where the key was found. Ernie chooses one animal. If Ernie chooses correctly and the key opens the trunk everyone wins. However, the storyteller also chooses a key. If the storyteller holds the correct key or if Ernie chooses incorrectly, no nuts for anyone. Of course our story has a happy ending with Ernie making the correct choice and sharing his peanuts.

The audience and volunteers will experience a funny story, a little key magic, and a simple message about where to find the key to happiness. Comes with simple and effective Gospel application as well as excellent pro reading message for school and library children. A change bag is needed. Everything else can be made on your home computer or available at a department store. This is a MAGIC (Make A Gimmick Info Cd) product and comes with all artwork and instructions in pdf form on a CD or Download.

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