Get Ahead

Get Ahead

  • $ 2500

Get A-Head is a unique twist on the classic silk to egg. It’s more fun than a kick in the head and no eggs are harmed! A 12-inch orange silk is pushed into your fist as you proclaim you will change its color; however, the silk disappears and a small skull is in its place. The silk is shown to have jumped to your pocket. Offer to explain the secret of the trick to the audience by revealing you have a hollow head. No, you have a hollow plastic skull head and two orange silks. Repeat the trick, but this time the silk really does change color. The audience sees you push an orange silk in the head but it has changed to black. But wait, you pulled this black silk out too fast and on the center of the silk is a picture of a brain. Now that’s a smart finish. Get A-Head is fun, easy to perform, and great for spooky shows or any time. You would have to have a hole in your head not to enjoy this effect. Don’t worry though; we’ll supply a head with a hole. Comes with everything including password for online video instructions.



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