Great Math Rabbit Hunt

Great Math Rabbit Hunt

  • $ 700


By Terry Evanswood
Performer shows 6 picture cards of cute rabbit cartoons. On the back of each picture is a 4 digit number. Each rabbit and number is different and one rabbit is special. He is Digit the Rhyth-ma-tic Rabbit. With the audience's help the hunt for Digit begins. Seven helpers each have a role in finding Digit. One helper is chosen to be the magician and therefore should be holding Digit the rabbit. A little rhyth-ma-tic (math) will be necessary to be certain. After some addition and subtraction of an audience created number a 4 digit answer is reached. Will it match the rabbit card the selected magician is holding? Did the audience uncover the real Digit? Don't be a hare-brain, of course they did! Several magic principles are used and all is explained on this CD. Includes specially commissioned rabbit artwork ready to print from your computer. Comes with all art, instructions, and giveaway bookmark art.

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