JFK - Just For KIDabra Members

JFK - Just For KIDabra Members

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Barry Mitchell’s classified files were opened August 2016. It’s JFK . . . Just For KIDabra. For the 25th anniversary, Barry created new magic and DIY projects never before seen. These secrets were not revealed until KIDabra and the files were previously ONLY AVAILABLE to KIDabra members. Some talk about conspiracies, and some take part.

JFK Now Available to ALL!

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"This is one of the most "gold" filled DVD's I've ever laid hands on. Barry Mitchell has packed this video with as much A-list material that I will ever be able to use in a lifetime! (That may be an exaggeration, but we will never know until we know)
There are so many demonstrations on this video that can be implemented into my already existing programs. It blows my mind how Barry can give me a nugget idea on this DVD and my brain starts spinning to make it my own.
The 615 card trick, for a non magi like me, is an excellent break in trick to the world of cards! I've done it for my wife and family and have blown them away! I love it.
Without a shadow of doubt, the JFK DVD is one of the best hands-on, creative DVDs I've ever seen. Thank you Barry for creating "gold" for us, because without your help a lot of us would have a much harder time being creative!"
Lee Andrews

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