Let Me Tell You A Story, The Art of Performance Storytelling

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“It was just one boy, one rock, and one choice that changed his life. It all began in a little village in . . .” Storytelling grabs our attention! When someone says, “Let me tell you a story,” we want to listen. What happened to the little boy, how could one rock change his life? Storytelling also teaches values, touches our emotions, and brings people together. Let Me Tell You A Story will inspire and challenge you to discover and develop your potential to not just tell a story, but to perform it. You’ll read Barry’s best stories and poems and learn how to write your own. This book is for everyone from grandparents to professional speakers. Open the cover and let me tell you a story. 


"For years I have been after Barry to write a book that is filled with his stories. With this book he has gone far beyond what I hoped for. Not only has he given us his entertaining, brilliant, and beautiful stories, he has given us his insight into the art of presenting them. The book shows his genius. I don't say that lightly. Anyone who has an interest in wonderful stories and how to tell them must read this book! Yeah Barry!"
Duane Laflin
Master Magician, author, and creator of Laflin silk magic

“Do NOT buy this book! It will make you a better storyteller, entertainer, and speaker. I make a living doing these things and don't want any more competition, especially none better than me. So again, I'm pleading with you, don't buy this book.”
Tim Sonefelt
Full-time Family Entertainer, author, and creator of Wonder Imagery magic

“Are you kidding me? I’m not going to read this!”
Barry’s Mom

“Virtually no one has written a book teaching us how to combine storytelling with magic and props. I think Barry’s new book will fill a special need, especially with kidshow workers. Children love stories, and when you combine them with magical visuals, you create a winning combination. Having seen Barry perform many of these routines, I know for sure this book is a winner!”
David Ginn
World Famous Children’s Entertainer and author of dozens of books

“Barry Mitchell is one of the most creative persons I have ever met. He is also a great magician and storyteller. This book will improve your magic. Just pay attention.”
Phil Willmarth
Int'l President 2007-2008 & Editor Emeritus International Brotherhood of Magicians

“Clearly all are all wired to love a good story, and Barry’s book Let Me Tell You A Story does a magnificent job laying out the fundamentals of making one’s oral illustrations come to life. In addition, it is also a wonderful treasury of humor and ideas that will spark the fire of its reader’s creative juices. We’ve added it to our list of must have books for performers and speakers.”
Oz & Wilde (Gene Oswald & Kif Anderson)
Reviewers for the Fellowship of Christian Magicians Magazine

"Excellent book. Picked it up from Barry at Tim Deremer's Battle of Magicians convention in Canton Ohio. I didn't realize how powerful a story could be until I used his story "The Puzzle Piece" at a birthday party. I handed out a piece of a puzzle to all the kids afterwards.  Hope they give a friend a smile or a hug to fill in their missing piece to complete the puzzle. Strong magic!"
Emmett Pennington

"Used this to teach upcoming Storyteller using S.T.O.R.Y teaching points and what makes a G.R.E.A.T performance story . Wanna know what those mean? Buy the book it is a treasure trove of gifts."
Randy Burtis

"Exceptionally good resource. I refer back to it a lot, must have!"
Doug Rafters

"That is a great book. I ordered the book about 2 years ago. I have used it many times. Filled with great ideas, stories, fun!!"
John Janezic

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