Magic with Science Instructional DVD

Magic with Science Instructional DVD

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You assemble the magic props and household chemicals, and we promise MAGIC with SCIENCE.

This is FUN & AMAZING magic that inspires children toward a deeper interest in science, reading, and recycling. Yes, it does all three, which opens doors for greater teaching opportunities. It’s perfect for educational entertainers, birthday parties, library shows, and recycling programs. You may perform the full routine will all the props and chemicals suggested, or pick and choose the fun that fits your program best. Ordinary objects like bud vases become test tubes. Standard magic chemicals are used along with household chemicals. Combine a red and white liquid, expecting to make pink, but get green, yuck. Add a clear liquid for an explosive surprise! Make polymer pudding and use a sponge ball to demonstrate how polymers work. Your dirty bath water instantly becomes clean with a little recycling magic. But the best magic of all is that you get all the directions and knowledge so you can make this magic kit yourself. Comes with full instructions, script, educational content, detailed item list and where to buy, logo artwork, and full explanation.

WE DID ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! Everything you need to know to create this great routine is included and you’ll love the way we organized the case to make the routine a no-brainer. THIS INFORMATION IS ALSO PART OF OUR "Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle Show Package."

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