Miser’s Dream Pro X

Miser’s Dream Pro X

  • $ 15900

This is a miracle! If the D’Lite effect is pure magic then Miser’s Dream Pro X is all miracle! A semi-transparent white gift bag sits on your table. With an empty hand you reach into the air and a red light appears at your fingertips. You drop the light into the bag and it cascades back and forth to the bottom of the bag. You grab another light and drop it in the bag. Two lights are now seen illuminating from the bag. WOW! But that’s not all. Walk to the side of the stage and grab a light from the air. Toss the light and it drops into the bag. Yes, you were standing on the other side of the stage. You never touch the bag and you don’t have to worry about remotes in your pocket, the bag does the work based on it’s incredible electronics created by our Electronic Einstein Klaus. Klaus is the same brilliant mind that creates our Serv-O-Magic. The Miser’s Dream Pro X allows you to control the drop of the lights into the bag with a motion switch in the bag. Simply drop your hand near the bag and the wave of the hand starts the drop of the light. OR set the bag so it’s on a timer. Once you start the second drop you can walk away and the others will automatically drop at timed intervals. When the bag is full simply toss the bag toward the audience and all the lights disappear. Pure miracle! This is the Pro X version with all the latest electronics so if you own one of Klaus’ first versions this new one does it all.

PLEASE NOTE this prop is so powerful that unscrupulous people have attempted to knock off Klaus’ work. There is a VERY CHEAP version on the market with very simple electronics that forces you to push a switch inside the brown paper bag each time you want a light to drop or disappear. VERY DIFFICULT to use as well as a rip off of Klaus. Please support the original. Comes with red lights. D’Lite gimmicks sold separately.

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