Moon Rocks

  • $ 2000

Moon rocks are 2-inch super soft gray sponge balls with little craters and spots.  They are very light weight due to the small amount of gravitational pull on the moon!  Duh! Moon Rocks is a fun routine for children using a rock named Moon, scared of his own shadow.  He keeps jumping from the performer’s hand into the child’s hand.  Finally, he gets so scared that he turns blue.  Yep, he’s a blue moon.  But don’t worry he soon learns to sing the blues and becomes a rock star and performs with a group of rolling stones.  Just imagine how many jokes you can write.  Moon Rocks comes with comedy presentation and simple handling instructions, four gray balls, one blue ball, small moonbeam flashlight, plus educational content to discuss gravity and a children’s message about fear.  You get everything and access to online video instructions.

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