No Bull Detector

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Take the Bull by The Horns
Has anyone ever told you, “You’re full of bull?” If so, we’ll find out. And that’s no bull!
Have you ever said one thing and did another? If so, we’ll find out. And that’s no bull!
Get ready to take the bull by the horns because this is the BULL . . . the No Bull Detector! We’ve combined centuries of bull detecting wisdom into one little box . . . with horns.

Your volunteer will hold the horns and speak their answers into the top of the bull box. If there is deception, evil or halitosis in their breath, the bull box will sound and flash. We’ll find out if you’re as truthful as you want everyone to believe. Hold the horns of honesty and let’s get bully with it.

No Bull Complete comes with two key fobs, bull box, bull horns, unicorn horn, two extra batteries and CD of printable art and PDF Book of Bull. 

You also receive the "Robert Baxt Ultimate Comedy Lie Detector Routine DVD & Gimmick!" Yes, it's TWO lie detectors in one package and that's NO BULL! A $49.95 value included FREE! That's EVEN MORE jokes and wisdom about using lie detectors to entertain any audience.

Robert Baxt Ultimate Comedy Lie Detector Routine DVD & Gimmick package includes DVD & Secret device with batteries & over 23 pages of routines, instructions, lines, jokes & bits included in a file on the DVD for kid, family and adult shows. 

The Secret of Lying
The secret of your success with No Bull is found in our package of comedy questions . . . The Book of Bull AND the Robert Baxt Ultimate Lie Detector DVD and joke file.  We mined the minds of our funniest friends to create the Book of Bull. Add the comedy of Robert Baxt and this really is a no brainer. The horns are removable, and you can add your own creations to the Velcro friendly sides. The ON/OFF switch is easily accessible and extra batteries are included. It’s time to grab the Horns of Honesty and discover if your audience is full of bull or honestly NOBLE! All video instructions online. Password comes with product.

ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS. Password comes with product.

The History of No Bull
Before there was No Bull, there was Buzz Off

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