• $ 2900

By Dorian LaChance


Imagine a science trick, comedy routine, and reading message, which makes the PERIODIC table fun. Imagine no more because it’s a MATTER of fact. Dorian LaChance has created something magically brilliant. Colorful 5.5” X 4.25” periodic table element cards may be shown. All are placed inside your favorite change bag. One by one several cards are removed from the bag and shown with comedy bits while educating about the periodic table. You choose the amount of bits you want to share.

Extra gag card art is provided for even more bits. The cards are placed back in the bag with a string. A little magic and the string is removed with 4 cards attached that spell Li Br Ar Y. Now that’s an element of success. But wait, turn the cards around and you see the letters R E A D . . . magically brilliant! You WILL WANT to perform this in all your library and school shows.
 Comes with full DIY instructions to make this effect or have it printed and laminated at your favorite office supply. You receive DIY DVD or Download with Dorian’s presentation and explanation, performance rights, all PDF art files and instructions, full script with comedy bits (not just comedy bits, there are FOUR PAGES of puns, jokes, and riddles), and he even throws in directions to make your own simple change bag.

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