Pop-Up Production

  • $ 4900

Caution: These props will have a playful and magical effect on an audience of children. They will love it! Show a black can standing 7.5-inch tall X 6-inch diameter. Smash the can flat in your hands. Look inside and a jumbo red cube has appeared. Wow! Smash the can again and look inside. A jumbo red ball has appeared. Smash the can again and 18 assorted color 2-inch balls & stars have appeared inside. That’s one Pop-Up Production! Comes with all props and instructions on DVD. 

INCLUDES: Pop-Up Can, Jumbo Red Ball, Jumbo Red Cube, 4 – Orange balls, 4 – Green balls, 2 – Yellow balls, 4 – Yellow stars, and 4 – Red balls plus Demo DVD.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE POP UP PAD as an add on for this effect. Be sure to watch the video below.

For sponge balls to have their maximum size and spring they should be slightly wet during performance. When different color balls are squeezed together when wet there is a chance of the darker colors such as red and orange bleeding over on the lighter colors. Some performers are not bothered by this because the magic is in the production. However, we also offer an all red edition of a red cube, jumbo red ball, and 16 2-inch balls. Choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with.

Check out the Pop-Up Pad for a way to add a second load under the balls.



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