Presto Symphony DIY DVD

Presto Symphony DIY DVD

  • $ 5900


This Performance Rights Required effect comes with all the artwork, directions, demo DVD, music tracks, and need to know information so you can make your own customized version of the original.  PROPS & BELLS NOT INCLUDED.

Presto Symphony
YOU become a magical maestro in mere minutes. Presto! Bring from four to eight volunteers on stage. Teach them musical instruments and how to play a song. Do it in mere SECONDS! Is that the Presto? The volunteers choose a song and a name for their band. A prediction of their choices is in view before you start. Is that the presto? The audience laughs as your band performs their song together. Is that the presto? Presto Symphony combines all the BEST elements of magical entertainment into one presentation – audience participation, humor, funny costumes, unpredictable volunteer reactions, and a magical prediction that makes you an instant showman. That’s the presto!


The Presto Performance
Announce that you are learning to be a magical musician through the “Be A Magical Maestro by Mail” kit. Each day you receive a new lesson to complete. You also have a magic “note” book, which knows the choices you will make before you make them. However, you can’t look in your notebook until AFTER you prepare for your lesson. Today’s lesson is to create a band and give them costumes and instruments. Each helper will choose a funny name for their instrument. One helper will choose a song, and another helper chooses a name for the band. The magic “note” book is opened to reveal the band name, chosen song, and the name of the last instrument (bell) to ring. Presto!

Will you presto?
We’re only looking for entertainers who want to treat their audience as the stars of the show. Entertainers who know the power of making people laugh and understand the power of magical “entertainment.” If that’s you, Presto Symphony is for you. Prepare to presto!


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