Readers Are Winners

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Readers Are Winners is Retired. Thanks to all who made this a positive part of their magical reading performances.
Based on an original idea by Steve Wronker

Is success really a hidden secret? We all know success comes to those willing to put forth the Resources, Effort, Attitude, and Desire to succeed. We also know none of it is possible without the ability to READ. There’s only one conclusion . . . Readers are Winners! These beautiful Wonder Imagery silks will show your audiences the values of reading. Comes with four fifteen-inch square silks printed with R, E, A, & D plus an eight-foot by twelve-inch banner silk printed with Readers are Winners. You’ll also receive our script suggestions for educational content and reading inspiration.  You'll LOVE the "What's in the Bag?" game show script.  Also rearrange the READ silks to spell DARE for more possibilities. These silks work perfectly in any change bag.

BONUS: PDF art files for giveaway bookmarks to match the Readers are Winners art. 
PLUS: PDF art for giveaway coloring sheets. 
PLUS: Royalty free game show music for our feature presentation.
PLUS: A special gimmick to make the performance EZ PZ.

The change bag used in the video is the Exclusive Barry Mitchell Products Rip Apart Change Bag.  Available here.

"I just received my "Readers are Winners" silk set. It's one thing to see an image on your monitor but it's another to see it in person. I am blown away about how beautiful this looks. Every color is bright and the colors really pop. It's worth every penny. Your audiences will be really impressed when you unfurl this 8 foot banner. It's BIG, it's BOLD and it's BEAUTIFUL This silk set will become a staple in every reading show you do, not just for this summer library programs."
Steve Wronker

"Barry, The Readers are Winners silks, routine & All files included is a Winner in my book! The silks are the best! I love that you mark them for ease of use and production.
This is a working routine....A Winner!!!!
Greg Wick

"The silks are top quality with vivid colors and an they present an amazing message for school and library programs as well as other venues. Highly recommended."
George Mullican

"I wanted to give a shout out to Barry Mitchell and his new trick, Readers Are Winners. I have had the time to fully explore the routine, the silks, and the included CD. And all I can say is WOW! Your have out done yourself Barry Mitchell. The music, the voice overs, the coloring sheet and the bookmarks are all included in the package. This will make a great impression on the Librarians this Summer. Get yours today!"
Brad Eickhoff

Readers Are Winners Online Instructions

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