Red Nose Rag

Red Nose Rag

  • $ 2000

Additional props for Barry's "Red Nose Rag" presentation.  Comes with sixteen red super soft two-inch balls, a two-inch red clown nose, green ball, and a yellow ball.  Bucket Filler effect not included.

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Red Nose Rag
By Barry Mitchell
Here’s a great additional story for our Bucket Filler product. I purchased the “Twelfth Street Rag” on Itunes to use as background music. Load the gimmick with sixteen red super soft two-inch balls. Inside the bucket place a two-inch red clown nose, green ball, and yellow ball.

Presentation & Handling
There are some symbols in life that are immediately recognizable. (Pour the three sponge balls from bucket into the cake pan. This action proves the bucket is empty.) In less than a second we know what the colors of a traffic light mean. (Show red, green, and yellow sponge balls) Green means go. Red means stop. And yellow means hurry up.

When a red ball is placed here (Put on nose) we think “Clown.” A red nose leads to a smile. There are some times in life that we just want to say, “Send in the clowns.” Whether you have a bucket full of blues or a pail of empty promises, it just might be time to send in the clowns. (Tip bucket as a dramatic gesture as you speak of the pail of empty promises.)

One of the duties of a circus band is to give alarms in the event of an accident. When the alarm was sound it was time to send in the clowns. (Produce ball 1 from the gimmick. Just before each ball is produced take a slight pause, snap your fingers, and pull out the ball. Follow the same formula with each ball production beginning with a finger snap. This is a personal preference but, if performed well, it should add a dramatic feel to the presentation.)

Clowns have always played an important role. (Ball 2) Send in the clowns when you want a smile. (Ball 3) Send in the clowns when you want a laugh. (Ball 4) Send in the clowns when you need a giggle. (Ball 5) Clowns can take an ordinary day and make it special. (Ball 6) Those little red noses are like seeds for smiles. (Ball 7) You might say that clowns provide distractions from our disappointments. (Ball 8)

In the circus, a certain piece of music was the alarm to send in the clowns. (Ball 9) If there was an accident on the high wire the band would play the “Twelfth Street Rag.” (Ball 10) That music brought in the clowns. (Ball 11)

The clowns were there to distract the audience away from the accident. (Ball 12) I’m glad that in our world of disappointments (Ball 13) there are still those (Ball 14) willing to say, (Ball 15) “Send me.” (Ball 16)

Will you be a clown? We can all be someone’s clown.

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