Santa's Favorite Cookies

Santa's Favorite Cookies

  • $ 3900

You probably think you know Santa’s favorite cookie. You might think, it’s chocolate chip. It’s not! So, WHAT is it? He calls them Snowball Cookies. It’s the creamy filling in a chocolate sandwich cookie. In Santa’s hands, Snowball Cookies are magic. Dump a bag of individually wrapped cookies on the table. Pick up one pack and open to reveal a cookie inside. Twist the cookie shells and a Snowball Cookie (white sponge ball) grows inside. You can perform magic with a Snowball Cookie (sponge balls). If we could only have more. We can, it’s a magic show. Pick up the empty bag and wave your favorite magic wand over the top and it’s instantly full of 19 more Snowballs (sponge balls, in case you haven’t figured it out yet). WOW! That’s Santa magic the kids will remember. Exclusive Barry Mitchell Product VERY LIMITED SUPPLY. Comes with production load gimmick, paper bags, four sponge balls for sleight of hand, nineteen gimmicked sponge ball set, plastic cookie shells and Oreo sample package. Individual Oreo packages may be ordered online. All video instructions online. Password to watch videos comes with product.

White balls are super soft Magic by Gosh sponge. The balls are not bright white, they are slightly yellow when dry. They are brighter in appearance when wet for performance. They will continue to yellow with age and exposure to light. Between performances store them in a closed opaque bag or box to avoid over exposure to light. Do not store wet. DO NOT STORE THE BALLS with other sponge. Dye from colored sponge or other colored objects may bleed over to the white sponge. DO NOT ATTEMPT to bleach the balls. The balls are made to be used as production effects and bright white isn’t necessary. If you’re expecting bright white sponge, don’t order.

ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS. Password comes with product.

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