Simon Star's Vacation Spot

Simon Star's Vacation Spot

  • $ 4000


Sure you've heard of black holes in space. But have you heard of blue holes? Blue holes are magical places where stars go for R & R, ray rejuvenation. Simon is a cute little silk star ready for a vacation. Performer shows a beautiful 18" X 14" silk with a blue hole in the center surrounded by happy stars headed for a holiday. The blue hole is placed over the performer's fist and Simon is tucked inside. A child helper watches as Simon disappears inside the blue hole, via a secret gimmick. Child may examine the silk but Simon is gone! He is sipping on a star fruit drink at a 5 star hotel.

Simon must be interrupted to prove he really is inside the blue hole. The performer removes him to the amazement of the audience. Simon is placed inside the blue hole again and appears inside a bag in the back of the room. Also inside the bag is Simon's favorite candy, a Star Burst! What kind of candy did you think a star would eat? Comes with Wonder Imagery blue hole silk, two Simon silks and instructions. Star Burst candy not included. Secret gimmick (thumb tip sold separately).


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