Slobber Nickels

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CAUTION, the Slobber Nickels are coming! In the darkness of a closed paper bag, a Slobber Nickel egg prepares to hatch. As you remove the egg from the bag, you share the story of what happens just before the egg hatches. One of the issues with Slobber Nickel eggs is they must stay in the dark to prevent the process of boogerfying. Wait, you've been holding the egg outside the bag in the light. The process has already begun. As you quickly place the egg back inside the bag, it happens! The egg starts to hatch and give off a big booger mess. From the bag, you remove five large boogers and five baby boogers. That's just nasty! The result is a baby Slobber Nickel. Let's just call him Mr. Prickly.

This fun routine is perfect for kid shows. It's great for space alien shows and any time you just want to be silly. Comes with everything needed plus online instructions. Slobber Nickels come in Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, and Yellow. Color selection may vary.

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