Sloth in a Sack

Sloth in a Sack

  • $ 2900

Are you tired of being an ordinary magician claiming to pull rabbits out of hats? It’s time to become extra-ordinary. You can pull a sloth from a sack! Rabbits and hats are so yesterday but Sinclair the Sloth is a Super Star of Slow. Sinclair will definitely slow your show down while adding magic and laughs sloth style. Sinclair is a 9 X 24-inch Wonder Imagery silk and his sack is 15 X 15 inch. These sizes are perfect for a palmo ball switch or use with other change devices. We also offer several performance suggestions and methods for pulling the sloth from the sack. But wait, there’s more! We also include royalty free slow-motion music from Nathan J. Roberts. All video instructions are visible online with a password and music tracks may be downloaded at time of order. Don’t be slow, place your order today. Change bag and palmo ball not included.

Sloth in a Change Bag

Sloth in a Hank Ball

Password comes with product.

Sack Switch Explanation

 Palmo Ball Teach In

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