Soap Opera Sponge Balls

Soap Opera Sponge Balls

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Soap Opera
Sponge Balls with Many Stories
These super soft hand painted sponge balls provide fun year round. They are ghost boo balls for fall, magic snowballs for winter and soap bubbles anytime. Three great performance options in one effect. Each ball has a unique face design for even more creative potential fun. Comes with ten 2-inch balls & one 3-inch ball. Also includes two paper bags and secret gimmick, which holds the balls compressed until you’re ready to produce. The gimmick is so clever you’ll find dozens of ways to use it for sponge productions. Online video instructions reveal the gimmick and how it works. PLEASE WATCH THE "WHITE IS NOT WHITE" VIDEO BEFORE ORDERING.

Soap Opera balls are made from super soft Magic by Gosh sponge. The balls are painted with a black paint that will remain on the balls for many performances. The balls are not bright white, they are slightly yellow when dry. They are brighter in appearance when wet for performance. They will continue to yellow with age and exposure to light. Between performances store them in a closed opaque bag or box to avoid over exposure to light. Do not store wet. DO NOT STORE THE BALLS with other sponge. Dye from colored sponge or other colored objects will bleed over to the white sponge. DO NOT ATTEMPT to bleach the balls. The balls are made to be used as production effects and bright white isn’t necessary. If you’re expecting bright white sponge, don’t order.

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