Sparkly the Absent-Minded Dragon

  • $ 7400

Single Sparkly ($15). Sparkly 4 Silk Set ($59) is for the routine as described. 5 Silk Set ($74) includes an extra dragon silk that may be used for transpositions.

Sparkly's Song

Sparkly Twins is two Sparkly silks for transpositions. ONLY includes two silks. 2 Silk Set ($29) Sparkly 4 Silk Set ($59) is for the routine as described. 5 Silk Set ($74) includes an extra dragon silk that may be used for transpositions such as our Crayon-Ola Silk-ola effect. SEE CRAYON-OLA

Meet Sparkly the Dragon. He was born with one solid gold tooth. His parents named him Sparkly because his tooth is very . . . sparkly. He’s an absent-minded dragon. He has misplaced his tail. Yep, a dragon with nothing to drag. You’re probably wondering, how does someone lose their tail? Probably the same way we lose the TV remote. It gets stuck in the couch. Sparkly checked and it’s not there.

To find his tail, we’ll need a helper and the use of a Time Machine of Doom. (Your change bag, of course) Sparkly will travel back in time to find his tail but he goes too far on the first trip. He’s baby Sparkly now. It’s time to go back to the future. Too far again. He’s now celebrating his 759th birthday. One more spin of the time wheel and Sparkly makes it to yesterday, when he had his tail. He will stay in yesterday. It’s too risky to travel again.

Sparkly is more than a mis-made silk set. It’s a mis-made-time-travel silk set. Comes with four beautiful 15-inch Wonder Imagery silks, online video instructions, DIY Time Spinner instructions and a really funny script. Change bag not included.

Our Exclusive Rip Apart Change Bag is PERFECT for Sparkly. CLICK HERE

Duh the Whispering Dragon
Catching a Dragon in a Bottle
Do you know how to catch a dragon? It’s simple. You must use the correct bait. It’s so easy to catch a dragon that I’ll do it in a bottle while the bottle is inside a castle tower. You heard correctly. In a bottle inside a castle. You won’t see this done on Game of Thrones. You shouldn’t be watching that anyway. This is an additional story idea for using the additional silk in the 5 Silk Set. Transposition effect may also be done with the Sparkly Twin set.  The effect used for the transposition is our exclusive CRAYON-OLA



Sparkly & Time Machine Explanation Video


Sparky Chicken Time Warp Explanation

Duh the Whispering Dragon Demo

Duh the Whispering Dragon Explanation


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