Sponge-Doh by Timothy Pressley

  • $ 2500

Einstein said, "Creativity is your intelligence having fun!" He must have played with Sponge-Doh too. Challenge your audience to see how smart they are by putting their imagination to the test. Take out some modeling dough and begin squishing it in your hand. Roll it into a ball and ask the audience what they see. Remember it's all about using your imagination. It could be a meatball, a clown nose, an alien life form. Roll the dough in your hands again changing its shape into a cylinder or rod. Ask the audience to contribute more creative responses. Squish the rod. Fold, twist, pinch and mold the dough in your hands until it transforms into a rabbit. YES, a rabbit. After all, it's a magic trick. Ask the audience what they see now. Most will say rabbit. Then using just their imaginations you transform the rabbit into a duck! Comes with all props and online video instructions.

Online Video Instructions. Password comes with product.

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