Sponge Marshmallows by Timothy Pressley

Sponge Marshmallows by Timothy Pressley

  • $ 2000

What are marshmallows really made of? MAGIC, of course! You receive twelve sponge marshmallows approximately 1.5-inch tall X 1.5-inch diameter. You won't be eating these, but you'll soon be craving to add them to your shows. Make them appear, vanish, multiply, and there's no sticky sugar residue. Comes with access to an online library of ideas and routine you can perform. Each delicious morsel is handcrafted by Timothy Pressley. Yes, we said "delicious," but you won't eat them. They are too valuable for magic. AND WE DON'T EAT SPONGE . . . Duh! Order a dozen today.

Holiday Magic
Every winter holiday show needs a hot chocolate MARSHMALLOW trick.

One Dozen for a Reason

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